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Bogu'Arena is a two players arena versus game made during the Global Game Jam 2020, which main theme was "repair".

In this game, you have to win 3 rounds by destroying your opponent using area traps you will have to repair or by bumping on their head.

You have 4 kinds of "traps" to repair :

• A Shield (which is not really a trap)
• Spikes on the ground
• Sticky balls
• Projectiles bouncing on the walls

But beware, your own traps may just destroy you as well !


Thibault Blanché :  Game-Designer / Level-Designer
Lucas Guibert  : Programmer
Cyril Peron-Dehghan : Composer
Matthieu Rauber : Sound-Designer
Chloé Zorzopian : 3D / 2D Artist


Bogu'Arena.rar 30 MB

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